sign 141 british guideline on the
management of asthma

SIGN 141 British guideline on the management of asthma, is produced jointly by SIGN and the British Thoracic Society and is updated biennially.

This update includes a new section highlighting key recommendations for implementation (section 2), completely re-written sections on supported self management (section 4) and organisation and delivery of care (section 13), and an extensively revised section on non-pharmacological management. 

All other sections, with the exception of diagnosis and monitoring (section 3) and asthma in adolescents (section 10) have also been revised and updated to reflect new evidence that has become available. 

It is hoped that the updated guideline will continue to serve as a basis for high quality management of acute and chronic asthma in primary and secondary care across the UK.

New versions of Managing asthma in children, a booklet for parents and carers, and Managing asthma in adults, a booklet for patients and their families and carers, are also available.