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Management of patients with stroke


Assessment, investigation, immediate management and secondary prevention

Around 8,500 people experience their first-ever-in-a-lifetime stroke every year in Scotland, with around 70,000 individuals living with stroke and its consequences. Immediate mortality is high and approximately 15% of stroke patients die within 30 days.

Remit and target users

This guideline makes recommendations based on current evidence for best practice in the management of patients with stroke or TIA, including: early management of suspected stroke by non-stroke specialists; clinical and radiological assessment; treatment of ischaemic stroke, TIA or primary intracerebral haemorrhage; reducing the risk of recurrence through medical and surgical interventions and lifestyle changes; providing information and support tailored to the needs of patients and carers.

This guideline will be of particular interest to stroke physicians, stroke nurses, specialists in care of the elderly, neurologists, radiologists, vascular surgeons, cardiologists, speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, specialists in emergency medicine and intensive care, paramedics, specialists in public health, nurse practitioners and general practitioners.

How this guideline was developed

This guideline was developed using a standard methodology based on a systematic review of the evidence. Further details can be found in SIGN 50: A Guideline Developer’s Handbook .

Keeping up to date

This guideline was issued in 2008 and will be considered for review in three years. The review history, and any updates to the guideline in the interim period, will be noted in the review report.

If you are aware of any new evidence that would update this guideline please complete a change request form and return to:

>7 years

Use with caution, declaration of interests governance may not be in line with current policy.


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SIGN 108, December 2008
ISBN 978 1 905813 40 7

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