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SIGN 100: A handbook for patient and carer representatives


We have written this handbook for patient and carer representatives who are involved in our work. It explains how we develop clinical guidelines for the NHS in Scotland. The handbook aims to:

  • explain the process we use to develop clinical guidelines;
  • show how you can become involved in developing guidelines; and
  • help you understand the role of a SIGN patient or carer representative.

Throughout this handbook, we have used the term ‘patients and carers’ to cover the groups of people who are involved in our work. This includes people who have a medical condition, people who are caring for someone, a patient’s family and friends, a member of the public or people who work for voluntary organisations that represent patients.

Review and updating of this manual

We think this manual should be a ‘living’ publication, continually revised to reflect developments in our ways of working. If  you want to know more about anything in this handbook, you can speak to Karen Graham, the Patient Involvement Officer.

Comments on either the content or presentation of this manual are also welcome. Phone: 0131 623 4740. E-mail:

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SIGN 100 (PDF)

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September 2015

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