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We produce patient booklets which are based on our clinical guidelines. These patient booklets explain the recommendations in the clinical guideline; and help to make patients aware of the tests and treatments they should expect to receive from the NHS.

These patient booklets are a lay translation of the clinical guidelines.  They are not intended to be general information leaflets, we also produce a range of patient and carer information leaflets which have been developed as part of our guidelines.

The booklets use a ‘question and answer’ format to make them as easy to follow as possible.  Each patient booklet includes:

We are committed to ensuring equal access to all our patient guidelines and information leaflets.  Our publications will be produced in the following formats on request:

Patient publications

If you require any of the above booklets in an alternative format, please contact Karen Graham, Patient Involvement Officer on 0131 623 4740 or email her at karen.graham2@nhs.net

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