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Management of stable angina

PAT96 STABLE ANGINA HEART ILLUSTRATIONThis booklet is for people with stable angina and for their families and friends. It is based on the recommendations from a national clinical guideline on how to look after patients with stable angina.

The booklet will help to make patients aware of the tests and treatment they should expect to receive from the NHS.

This booklet will explain:

  • what stable angina is;
  • how doctors will know you have stable angina;
  • what treatments are available; and
  • what happens if you have stable angina and need another kind of operation.

We have listed a number of support organisations at the end of the booklet where you can get more information.

This booklet does not cover unstable angina as this usually needs more urgent and immediate management. If you are concerned about unstable angina, you should speak to your doctor.

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