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Managing bacterial urinary-tract infections in adults

PAT88 BACTERIAL UTI GRAPHICThis booklet is about caring for and treating adults who have a suspected urinary-tract infection (UTI). It has been written for patients, carers, families or anyone who has an interest in the condition.

It aims to make patients and their families aware of the care and treatment that should be available. It also aims to help patients and their families manage their condition by understanding the latest research evidence.

This booklet is based on the recommendations from the SIGN national clinical guideline on managing suspected bacterial urinary-tract infections in adults.

The booklet explains the following.

  • What bacterial UTI is.
  • How bacterial UTI is diagnosed.
  • How bacterial UTI is treated in different groups of people including:
  • women (over 16 years);
  • men (over 16 years);
  • women who are pregnant; and
  • men and women who have urinary catheters.

The booklet also aims to make you aware of the latest advice on using antibiotics.

If you have bacterial UTI, you will be managed individually depending on factors such as your age, sex and the symptoms that you are experiencing. It is important that you get all the information you need. Your health-care professional can help you decide which sections of the booklet would be most helpful for you to read.

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October 2012

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