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Managing chronic pain

PAT136 CHRONIC PAIN GENERIC INFO ICONThis booklet is based on evidence and aims to make patients, carers and amilies aware of the care and treatment they should expect to receive when iving with chronic pain.

It is based on the SIGN guideline on managing chronic pain published in 2013. The booklet explains:

  • what chronic pain is;
  • how chronic pain is assessed;
  • what medication is available;
  • which psychological methods are available;
  • how physical therapy can help;
  • which complementary therapies are available;
  • what you can do yourself to help manage your pain; and
  • where you can find out more information.

This guidance is aimed at adults and does not explain treatment options for managing pain in children (some of their treatment options are different to adults).

This booklet aims to make you aware of the treatment available for your

  • pain and can help you work with those involved in your care to decide what
  • treatments you would like to try.

Your family, friends and carers may also find it useful. It is based on the recommendations from a national clinical guideline on how to look after patients with lung cancer.

It explains:

  • what lung cancer is;
  • what the symptoms are;
  • how it is diagnosed; and
  • how it is treated.

We have listed details of support organisations, where you can get more information at the end of the booklet.

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