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Brain injury rehabilitation in adults

PAT130 BRAIN INJURY GRAPHICThis booklet is for you if you have had a brain injury. Your family, friends and carers may also find it useful.

This booklet is based on the recommendations from the SIGN national clinical guideline on brain injury rehabilitation in adults.

The information in this booklet adds to the information and advice the people involved in your care will give you.

This booklet explains:

  • what a brain injury is;
  • how you might be affected by a mild brain injury, and how it might be treated;
  • what treatments you might expect for a more serious brain injury;
  • where you might receive treatment;
  • what will happen when you leave hospital;
  • how you can get help when returning to work or study; and
  • what information carers might need.

It does not cover:

  • brain injuries in children; or
  • rehabilitation for people who have had a stroke.

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July 2013

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