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Mood disorders during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby

PATY127 MOOD DISORDERS PREGNANT WOMAN GRAPHICThis booklet is for you if you are thinking about becoming pregnant and have concerns about the safety of taking medication for an existing mood disorder (such as depression and bipolar disorder (manic depression).

  • you think you are at risk of antenatal depression, postnatal depression or postpartum psychosis;
  • you think you may be experiencing a mood disorder during pregnancy, or in the first year after the birth of your baby or;
  • you have already been diagnosed with a mood disorder and are considering your options for treatment.

Your partner, family and friends may also find it useful.

The booklet aims to make women and their families aware of the treatment and care they should expect to receive if they have a mood disorder during pregnancy and after the birth of their child. It also aims to help women, their partners and their families to manage their condition by understanding the latest research evidence.

This booklet is based on the recommendations from the SIGN national clinical guideline on perinatal mood disorders. Our guidelines are based on medical and scientific research.

The booklet explains:

  • who is at risk of developing mood disorders during pregnancy and after the birth of their baby;
  • how mood disorders are diagnosed;
  • what treatment choices may be available; and
  • what you can expect from treatment.

Patient information

Patient booklet (PDF)

Patient booklet large print (PDF)

Patient booklet in Chinese (PDF)

Patient booklet in Polish (PDF)

Patient booklet in Urdu (PDF)



Podcast: Dr. Roch Cantwell, Chair of the Guideline Development Group discussing the guideline

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April 2012

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