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PAT116 DIABETES GRAPHICThis booklet is for people living with diabetes. Your family and carers may also find it useful.

It is based on the recommendations from the SIGN national clinical guideline on the management of diabetes.

The guideline development group looked at the research evidence available on how to treat, support and give information to people with diabetes.

This booklet does not describe diabetes or the tests for diabetes in detail, but a member of your healthcare team can explain these to you. Some of the support organisations on pages 43-44 may be able to give you more information and support to help you to understand and manage your condition.

This booklet explains:

  • what diabetes is;
  • how different types of diabetes are treated;
  • what you can do to help control your diabetes;
  • complications associated with diabetes; and
  • where you can get more information and support.
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