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Last modified 4/06/07
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Guideline 93-97: excel spreadsheets to assist health boards to estimate their local costs

In February 2007, SIGN launched five coronary heart disease Guidelines and an accompanying document titled 'A national clinical and resource impact assessment'. The latter contained estimates of the resources required and associated costs of implementing key recommendations in the five guidelines, together with estimates of the resulting clinical benefits. Three excel spreadsheets are now available to assist health boards to estimate their local costs to:

Full details on how to enter data and view the results are provided within each spreadsheet. Please note you must have the Analysis ToolPak and Analysis ToolPak - VBA on your PC. To check you have these once in excel (with a live document) click on "Tools", "Add-ins", and click in the relevant boxes, at this point a tick should appear in the add-ins selected. Click OK to save these settings.

If users require further information or advice on using these spreadsheets they should contact Ms Joyce Craig, Senior Health Economist, NHS Quality improvement Scotland by email at

[Guideline 93-97 supporting material]