[Guideline 47]

Preventing Dental Caries in Children at High Caries Risk
Targeted prevention of dental caries in the permanent teeth of 6-16 year olds presenting for dental care

SIGN Publication No. 47

ISBN 1899893 32 6
December 2000


The Guideline and Quick Reference Guide are available to download in Acrobat pdf format (info). Quick Reference Guide (94K) Guideline (461K).

  • Supporting Material for Guideline (not in printed version)
  1. Introduction
    1.1 Background: the need for a guideline
    1.2 The Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network
    1.3 Remit of the guideline
    1.4 Structure of the guideline
    1.5 Who is the guideline for?
  2. Definitions and terminology
    2.1 Dental caries
    2.2 Primary prevention
    2.3 Secondary prevention
    2.4 Tertiary prevention
  3. Primary prevention of dental caries
    3.1 Risk factors for dental caries
    3.2 Identifying children at high caries risk
    3.3 Behaviour modification in children at high caries risk
    3.4 Tooth protection in children at high caries risk
  4. Secondary and tertiary prevention
    4.1 Diagnosis of dental caries
    4.2 Management of carious lesions
    4.3 Re-restoration
  5. Information for non-dental professionals
    5.1 Dental caries development
    5.2 Sugar consumption
    5.3 Dry mouth
    5.4 Sugar-free medicines
    5.5 Children who do not attend a dentist regularly
    5.6 Medically compromised
    5.7 Orthodontic appliances
  6. Implementing the guideline
    6.1 Local adaptation and implementation
    6.2 Health service implications of implementation
    6.3 Implementation issues for local discussion
  7. Recommendations for audit and research
    7.1 Key points for audit
    7.2 Recommendations for future research


  1. Development of the guideline
  2. Sources of further information


Register of Interest
A register of interest is not available for this guideline. In line with the SIGN Document Retention Schedule (24/07/2010), after publication of this guideline, hard copies of declarations of interest were held at the SIGN Executive offices for one year. The declarations of interest were then archived for a further three years before being destroyed along with other guideline related documents. This schedule has now been revised.