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This guideline will be of interest to healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with asthma including general practitioners, consultants and specialists in respiratory medicine, nurses and pharmacists. It also be of interest to people with asthma, their parents and carers; those who interact with people with asthma outside of the NHS, such as teachers; voluntary organisations with an interest in asthma; and those planning the delivery of services.
Guideline No 153
ISBN 978 1 909103 47 4
September 2016


Revised version November 2016

Full guideline
The revised version includes changes to the following:
Tables 9 & 10:Categorisation of inhaled corticosteroids by dose – important changes to titles, footnotes and some product information
Figure 1:Diagnostic algorithm – correction
Figure 2:Summary of management in adults – minor changes
Figure 3:Summary of management in children – minor changes
Various sections – minor corrections and revisions to text
Annexes 2-7 – minor corrections
Annex 8:Management of acute asthma in infants aged <2 years in hospital – addition to advice on immediate management

Quick Reference Guide
The QRG has been updated in line with changes to the full guideline. Changes include important revisions to the tables on doses of inhaled corticosteroids, and changes to the Figures summarising management in adults and children


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NICE Asthma Quality standard (QS25)


Guideline in Practice article on Updated BTS/SIGN guidance may help to reduce asthma deaths 


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