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July18 2011 - minor renumbering to correct referencing error

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This guideline provides recommendations based on current evidence for best practice in the management of pain in adult patients who have cancer. The guideline includes advice mainly concerning pain secondary to the cancer, but many of the principles outlined are applicable to coexisting painful conditions and pain associated with treatment of the cancer. It excludes the treatment of pain in children under the age of 12.
Guideline No. 106, ISBN 978 1 905813 38 4, November 2008

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A register of interest is not available for this guideline. In line with the SIGN Document Retention Schedule (24/07/2010), after publication of this guideline, hard copies of declarations of interest were held at the SIGN Executive offices for one year. The declarations of interest were then archived for a further three years before being destroyed along with other guideline related documents. This schedule has now been revised.
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