Consultation - draft guidelines

Consultation of each SIGN guideline in draft form is open to all, providing an opportunity for health care professionals, patients, health service managers, and other interested groups to comment on the draft recommendations and to influence the final form of the guideline.

Management of chronic heart failure

The draft guideline on the Management of chronic heart failure is now available for consultation. Comments must be submitted by  Friday 17 July 2015. Publication of the guideline is scheduled for winter 2015.
If you have any queries on completion of this consultation or the SIGN process please contact Ailsa Stein,

Management of chronic heart failure (PDF) 1.70M

Feedback form:

We are delighted that you are able to assist the guideline development group by providing feedback on the evidence base presented and the on draft recommendations. As a participant in the open review process your comments will be discussed by the guideline group alongside feedback from a panel of invited reviewers nominated through SIGN networks.This is a selective update of SIGN 95. Comments are invited on those sections that have been updated with new evidence. Sections that have not been updated can be checked for consistency with new material, but will not be reviewed further by the guideline development group.

We are interested primarily in your view on the comprehensiveness and accuracy of interpretation of the evidence base supporting the recommendations in the guideline although any comments on the style or presentation would also be welcome. Please would you include key references to support your comments wherever possible.
In order for your input to be taken forward it is essential that you complete the declaration of interests form, which can be found at the end of the feedback form. No comments can be considered without this process being undertaken.

SIGN is updating six chronic heart disease guidelines over the course of 2015–2017:




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